Winnipeg City Council is looking at changing how people can buy and sell puppies.

The end goal is to eliminate puppy mills, where dogs are raised for profit with little to no care taken for their health, said Coun. Gord Steeves, chair of the Standing Policy Committee on Protection and Community Services.

While there is provincial legislation addressing this issue, some councillors say it doesn't go far enough. On Monday, a city committee will talk about a possible ban on the sale of dogs in retail stores and on the internet.

"The truth is if you're ever going to shut down these puppy mill operations you have to kill the source of the income. So, the idea is if we can eliminate the ability for people to sell these dogs, then it will go a long way towards stopping the operations," said Steeves.

The committee will also hear from a group lobbying to remove the city-wide ban on pit bulls.

Steeves said he doesn't anticipate the ban will be lifted, but the group's opinions will be taken into consideration.

The city is currently working on a review of responsible pet ownership.