WINNIPEG -- Council has delayed a final vote on the controversial Parker Lands Development.

Councillors Brian Mayes and John Orlikow tabled a motion at Friday’s City Council meeting to delay a final vote until a judicial ruling can be clarified.

Last year a judge found the city in contempt for not hearing Gem Equities‘ application for the Fulton Grove project and ordered it to proceed with the matter.

It’s now gone through two committee stages this month where it was rejected, and now onto Council, satisfying the judge’s decision according to city lawyers.

It was believed that satisfied the judge’s order. Not everyone is so sure.

Councillor Janice Lukes abstained from voting on the matter at the property and development committee, questioning if this process would comply with the court.

And, Gem Equities lawyer Dave Hill says the city has to hold a public hearing on the matter which it has not done.

Gem Equities is proposing a $500,000,000 development with residential and commercial space along the BRT line in the Parker Lands.

City planners oppose the current plans saying there are more than 200 minor and significant issues with the application.