WINNIPEG -- One city councillor is raising some concerns about street racing happening in the south part of Winnipeg.

Janice Lukes, who is the councillor for Waverley West, said people like to meet up at the Bridgwater Centre on weekends and she decided to check it out for herself.

"It gets posted on Instagram, it gets put out there. It's usually a Saturday night thing, on the long weekend it was Friday, Saturday, Sunday. So a resident and I thought we would come here on Saturday night at a quarter to 10 and see what goes down," said Lukes.

She said as they were waiting, they started to notice that cars filled up the parking lot, and there ended up being around 40 vehicles in the area. She said she saw Mercedes, BMWs, and other modified vehicles.

Lukes said the part she found interesting was the demographic of people showing up.

"They're kids. They are like 17, 18, up to maybe 22, 24,” she said. “Most of them probably live at home with their parents. Maybe a small percentage of their parents may live abroad, but most of them probably live at home with their parents, because there is no way that aged kid can have a hot car and pay apartment rent."

Lukes said she also noticed that at least 10 of the cars had no license plates, and she noticed others had a cover to reflect camera flashes.

She said just after 10 p.m., the cars were lead out by a white half-ton and went onto North Town Road and she said she watched about eight cars turn left onto Kenaston Blvd on a red light.

"When the light turned green, we followed, we went. Other cars behind us quickly drove faster and passed us. Got onto Kenaston going north on Kenaston," said Lukes, adding that she called police about the cars running the red light and that she has dashcam footage of the incident.

She said it was raining that night and she eventually turned around. That’s when she came across a crash at Kenaston Blvd and McGillivray Blvd.

"I don't know if it was these kids," she said. "I don't know if they maybe went through the red light and it was other cars colliding, not wanting to hit. I don't know what happened."

She said seeing all of this is very upsetting because they are just kids.

"We all have been invincible when we are kids. We think nothing is going to happen," she said.

Lukes said when she graduated, two kids died in a rollover crash, and that she also lost her dad in a car crash when she was 18-years-old.

Lukes said she is working with the police to try and solve the situation, but she said she is also calling on parents to try and help prevent something bad from happening.

"Speed kills. It changes your life forever."