A Winnipeg city councillor has temporarily pressed pause on the possibility of future housing developments in Waverley West.

South Winnipeg- St. Norbert Coun. Janice Lukes said her predecessor placed a cap on the number of houses and multi-family homes that can be developed in the fastest-growing community to 750 single-family permits and 300 multi-family permits.

Its developer, Manitoba Housing Renewal Corporation (MHRC), asked the Riel Community Committee to lift the cap Monday night, but Lukes postponed her decision.

“We can't just build houses. We have to build a community," Lukes said.

The cap comes with three criteria, one of which calls for a K – 8 School to be built. The other two criteria—that Pembina Trails School Division deal with the school site in Bridgwater Forest and Kenaston Boulevard be extended to Perimeter Highway—are complete.

Lukes said the intent of the development was to have multiple schools built, and there’s a high school that’s considering being built.

“But before you get to high school you have to go to junior high and elementary school.”

“I hear all the time from parents they’re having to bus their kids.” Lukes said. “I don’t want to hold up development…but I think it’s really important we do proper planning of communities.”

MHRC estimated by not removing the building permit cap, about $320 million in private sector investment would be halted.

The developers argue doing so would have a significant negative impact on the Winnipeg home building industry.