WINNIPEG -- Winnipeg bike shops have seen an uptick in sales since the arrival of COVID-19, and with bike infrastructure being added to the city every year, more people are cycling in Winnipeg.

But with more bikes on the road, comes a need for more bike parking.

Mark Cohoe, the executive director of Bike Winnipeg, said the city has done a good job of setting up short term bike security, like smaller open bike racks.

He said long term bike security, like the bike lockers at some Rapid Transit stations, is something the city needs more of.

“Bike lockers (mean) you have a little more security than that open bike rack,” said Cohoe. “It’s something that’s less visible, and it’s something that’s a little less tempting.”

Cohoe said more apartment blocks and workplaces are adding bike rooms and bike lockers for people taking long term trips. Polo Park also added bike lockers.

To reduce bike theft, Bike Winnipeg recommends you get a good lock for your bike, make sure you lock your frame and your wheel, and try to lock your bike up in a visible area.

Winnipeg Police data shows a drop in total bikes stolen from 2018 to 2019.

In June, July, and August, when bike theft is at its peak, there was a decrease in theft in 2019 compared to 2018.

Police said data from April to June 2020 was not yet available.

Winnipeg City Councillor Matt Allard said the need for bike parking is at an all-time high.

“If people are going to make (the choice) to not be in their car, we need to make it more available for people,” said Allard. “Bike parking is a part of that.”

Allard said there are active projects on bike parking being discussed in the public works department, but he couldn’t provide any details at that time.