WINNIPEG -- Registration is now open for the City of Winnipeg’s summer day camps for kids aged three to 15.

The city announced on Thursday that a limited number of camps will be open during July and August. Most of these camps will be one week long, with the option for mornings or afternoons.

The camps will revolve around outdoor activities, therefore campers must come with the proper shoes, a hat, sunscreen, and insect repellant. The city said kids should also bring a preparation-free, nut-free snack and water.

All indoor facilities will be used for a limited number of activities, such as washrooms and meeting areas. Social distancing and hand sanitization protocols will be adhered to.

The city noted that all campers will have to maintain a two-metre distance from each other and they will have to complete a self-assessment for COVID-19 before coming to camp.

Registration began on Friday at 8 a.m. All participants have to register in advance, which can be done online or by contacting 311.


The city also announced it’s extending the operational dates for temporary patio registrations until Sept. 8.

Winnipeg has been offering restaurants and licensed manufacturers with tasting rooms the ability to expedite the process to create temporary patio spaces. These patios must follow the safety requirements outlined in the registration form.

The City has already approved temporary patios at 55 establishments as of Thursday.