The city is promising to spend at least $30 million on traffic upgrades in the Polo Park area.

Of that, $20 million will come from the sale of the old stadium site.

The improvements will likely include the extension of St. Matthews Avenue to Route 90.

"There is no doubt in my mind that extending St. Matthews would have a very, very positive impact in the traffic flow," said Mayor Sam Katz.

For the extension to happen, the city may have to expropriate land and uproot busineses.

"For business, it wouldn't be great," said Cory Einarson from Shodor Custom Shower Doors.

The work will also likely include upgrades to two Ellice Avenue intersections at both Empress and St. James, such as adding left-hand turn lanes.

"There is a safety issue - Ellice and St. James is a very risky corner. Ellice and Empress is even more risky," said Mike Mager from CAA.

The idea of turning Empress and St. James into one way streets has been ruled out.

"I think we've decided the one-ways don't make sense because it would be a dramatic impact on busines," said Coun. Scott Fielding (St. James - Brooklands).

A functional design study will proceed to determine the true cost of the improvements.

Public consultations will be held in the new year, with construction then likely spread over the next two summers.