Winnipeggers came out to test electronic cigarettes at the city's first Vape Expo.

In addition to puffing on an e-cigarette, expo goers could also try e-juicer and vaporizers.

Vendors set up tables and showed off different products at the expo at 441 Main St.

Organizers say the event raises awareness about smoking alternatives.

"It's vapour. So we just want to make people understand and remove the stigma from it," said Terry Lee of the Winnipeg Vape Club.

The Manitoba Lung Association has raised concerns about the products.

It says it worries that an up-take in e-cigarettes could re-popularize smoking.

Earlier this year, the association told CTV they have the potential to be a tool to help smokers kick the habit.

E-cigarette products containing nicotine need approval by Health Canada before they can be sold here.