A group of Winnipeggers have raised concerns about the sudden closure of the Sherbrook Pool last month.

The city said it was closing the pool on Nov. 29, until further notice.

On Friday, a group calling itself Friends of Sherbrook Pool held a news conference.

The group helped raise $5 million in the 1990s to aid in renovations to the facility.

Now, they want to know why the pool is closed indefinitely.

“I think by accepting the money at that time, the city accepted us as a partner and it’s not a good way to treat a partner, keep us in the dark,” said John Hutton from the group.

The city is now saying the facility is being assessed by engineers after staff noticed paint peeling and there are structural concerns, including the possibility roof supports could fail.

“What we’ve seen when we’ve exposed it is corrosion in the pillars,” said Iain Day from the City of Winnipeg.

The city said it’s not known when, or if, the pool will re-open.

The city has cancelled winter swimming programs at the facility, and extra classes have been added to the Cindy Klassen Recreation Complex and Eldon Ross Pool.