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Colleen Bready's forecast: Conditions stabilize, but more rain possible


After nocturnal thunderstorms very early Sunday morning, followed by very strong winds during the day, Monday’s conditions in Winnipeg are much calmer.

But Sunday’s winds helped to bring more stable conditions today, so there’s not much chance of thunderstorms across the south.

Winnipeg and the southeast will enjoy a nice mix of sun and cloud this afternoon with highs in the low 20s.

Much of the southwest will be cloudy with daytime temperatures reaching the upper teens or low 20s.

Meanwhile, in the north, rainfall warnings for Brochet and Tadoule Lake issued by Environment and Climate Change Canada will end this afternoon.

Rain will continue in those regions, but the low that brought it will continue to move off toward Hudson Bay.

Strong winds developing in behind the low have triggered wind warnings for the northeast. Peak wind gusts approaching 90 km/hr are expected mid-afternoon.

Back in the south, an approaching low from the US will bring rain by this evening in the southwest corner.

Rain will continue to spread across the south over the next few hours.

Rain is expected to start in Winnipeg and the Red River Valley overnight. We should also be prepared for the possibility of an overnight wake-up call with the risk of nocturnal thunderstorms.

Rain will taper off Tuesday morning.

Rainfall amounts of 5-10 mm are expected for most areas in the south, but thunderstorms could bring 10-20 mm, even 30 mm in areas where rain bands are heaviest. Top Stories

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