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Colleen Bready's Forecast: Summer has arrived


Summer across Manitoba and northwestern Ontario has arrived!

Conditions on the first full day of the season on Friday are very similar across most of our forecast region.

Winnipeg, the rest of the south, most of the north and northwestern Ontario will enjoy sunshine or a mix of sun and cloud with daytime highs reaching the mid-20s today.

There is a chance of showers here and there, but the odds are low.

Areas furthest north will be cloudier and a few degrees cooler. In Churchill, showers are quite possible with the risk of thunderstorms.

There is also a risk of thunderstorms later this afternoon for Brandon and regions into the southwest corner of the province.

If you are heading to tonight’s Blue Bombers matchup against the BC Lions at Princess Auto Stadium, conditions will be great for the game.

Temperatures will be in the low 20s, winds will be light and there will be no precipitation.

Saturday is potentially a different story.

We will start off with some sunshine tomorrow morning around Winnipeg.

Later in the afternoon there is a good chance of showers in the city and west out to Brandon and the surrounding regions.

A line of thunderstorms could develop tomorrow afternoon in the southwest and spread east to Winnipeg and the Red River Valley by either late afternoon or evening.

By Sunday, look for more sunshine and temperatures in the mid-20s in Winnipeg. Top Stories

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