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Colleen Bready's forecast: The return of sunshine


Sunshine finally returns to southern Manitoba on the last full day of spring on Wednesday!

A ridge of high pressure has moved over the southern prairies that has cleared out the sky and brought warmer temperatures today.

Daytime highs across the south including Winnipeg will reach the low 20s. That’s still below normal for the second half of June, but warmer than yesterday.

However, a weak cold front could help trigger non-severe thunderstorms in the Parkland and northern Interlake regions today.

To the north, a slow-moving low is taking its time moving along. As it slowly pushes east, it will leave most northern regions with at least a chance of showers over the next few days.

Northern daytime highs today range from the mid-to-upper teens further south to single digits in areas furthest north.

Summer officially arrives Thursday with the solstice at 3:50 p.m. central time.

It will be a warm and sunny start to the season in Winnipeg and across the southeast.

That said, conditions tomorrow will be less stable than today which could produce showers or thunderstorms in the southwest in the afternoon.

There is the potential threat of severe thunderstorms in the Parkland and northern Interlake areas. Top Stories

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