WINNIPEG -- Community members are raising concerns about pedestrian safety, after a collision at a St. James crosswalk left two teens in hospital.

Just before 8 Wednesday morning, emergency crews responded to a collision involving a vehicle and pedestrians on Ness Avenue near Woodlawn Street. Two teens were rushed to hospital. They have since been upgraded to stable condition.

John Creelman lives nearby the crosswalk. He told CTV News he's contacted the city about this corner before.

"I've seen a lot of near misses and it was time to get this addressed," He said.

Creelman is calling on the city to add a 'no parking' sign at this corner of Woodlawn to help keep the road clear. He said traffic congestion makes this crosswalk problematic.

"We have a lot of trucks coming up here from Deer Lodge, a lot going on at the St James Civic Centre in the morning, it's just a very congested area and I've seen a lot of people use the crosswalk when there's been traffic bunched up on Ness. It creates a lot of safety concern."

St James Councillor Scott Gillingham said he is in discussions with the city to improve pedestrian safety at the problematic crosswalks in St. James.

He said pedestrian safety is not a pervasive problem in his area, but added the city as a whole is waiting on a report on a five year strategic road safety plan.

"One of the elements of that is pedestrian safety and how we can enhance pedestrian safety across the City of Winnipeg."

Gillingham said he will continue to follow up on this intersection to determine whether enhanced visibility measures are warranted.

In the meantime, he has one suggestion for both pedestrians and drivers.

"Be very aware as we operate our vehicles, be very aware of our surroundings as pedestrians when we're crossing intersections or using crosswalks,” Gillingham said. “It can happen in a split second."

The city said in the last 20 years there have been four pedestrian related collisions at the crosswalk, none were fatal.

Community residents have planned a town hall style meeting on Thursday evening to discuss road safety concerns. It gets underway at 7 p.m. at the old Grace Housing Co-op on Arlington Street.