How to solve Winnipeg's mass transit dilemma? Some Winnipeggers have found solutions that work for them, but could their alternative methods of transportation become a reality for others and help ease traffic congestion?

A group of employees at Standard Aero pitched in and purchased a van they use to commute back and forth between St. Malo and Winnipeg.

Assiniboine Credit Union is one business trying to make alternative ways of getting to work, such as running or cycling, easier for its employees. They have installed about a dozen showers in locker rooms at six locations. At the bank's main office, towel service is also provided. One of the reasons people choose not to bike or run to work is to appear clean and fresh when the workday begins, say transit advocates.

Winnipeg has operated a water bus service since 1992 from various stops along the Assiniboine in the summer. The operator of Splash Dash at The Forks said if the city installed the proper infrastructure, water buses could run from May to October and would be popular, but he doesn't know if the political will exists.