People who want to use cannabis but don’t want to smoke or vape it could soon find another option in stores.

The makers of a new product are hoping to have intraoral cannabis oil ready for the Canadian market by this summer.

“What we’ve done is we’ve made it very precise, so if you take a certain amount of cannabis, you get the same result every time reliably,” said NanoSphere Cannabis International president Gary Symons.

Work's underway to set up a new lab inside the Delta 9 production facility in east Winnipeg.

It'll be home to NanoSphere, the Denver-based company working to bring intraoral cannabis oils to the Canadian market by this June.

"It's the consistency of a clear translucent serum,” said Nanosphere president and COO David Sutton. “It's not sticky, it absorbs very, very quickly. Think of maple syrup without the stickiness."

The company will use the equipment in the lab to nano-encapsulate THC and cannabinoids into an oil which can be passed directly to a user's bloodstream through their gums or skin. 

Company officials say the product will provide rapid results, precise dosages, and offers an alternative to inhaling or ingesting cannabis.

"It also just has more bioavailability,” said Symons. “In other words, it takes less amount of cannabis to do the same thing."

Nanosphere said it's been given the green light to produce the product.

The company now needs approval to sell the intraoral cannabis oils.

"Any kind of cannabis oil which is new to the market has to go through final inspection and approval by Health Canada," said Symons.

CTV News has reached out to Health Canada for comment.