Some people living in Winnipeg’s Whyte Ridge area are in a foul mood over a smelly business they had hoped would already be gone from their neighbourhood by now.

Last August, the province issued an Environmental Protection Order giving Samborski Environmental one month to stop accepting organic waste at their composting facility off McGillivray Boulevard and to remove the piles already onsite.

"The order required them to do two things. One is to cease and desist receiving any more material that can be used for composting,” said Don Labossiere of Manitoba Conservation. “And also, to remove all of the material that they have accumulated over the past few years."

The company appealed to the minister and lost but has since filed suit in the Court of Queen’s Bench, asking a judge to throw out the order.

A court date is set for Sept. 24 and in the meantime the company continues to operate at the site.

Some area residents say, depending on which way the wind is blowing, the stench can be so bad they can’t venture outside.

"It doesn't smell good at all. It's really horrible. You basically have to stay inside because it smells really, really bad,” said Kaitie Ross as she walked her dog on a day when the wind was blowing the other direction.

The province said it had received more than 500 complaints about the site from nearby businesses and residents.

It is documenting all of them and will present them to the judge when the case gets to court.

Frank Samborski said his business has plans to find another site, but aims to be a good neighbour in Whyte Ridge until it eventually relocates. He invited residents to visit the site to see measures to control odours.