WINNIPEG -- Winnipeg Regional Health Authority has sent a letter out to parents at Munroe Early Childhood Education Centre Preschool advising of a confirmed case of COVID-19.

The person with the virus was at the Chalmers Avenue preschool on September 14.

The health authority said Munroe Early Childhood Education Centre is working closely with public health officials and following their recommendations. Upon learning about the case, the facility immediately closed off areas used by the infected person and will not use them until after cleaning and disinfection.

According to the health authority, all close contacts in the same room as the case have been identified and advised to self-isolate. Public health will contact any other close contacts.

Parents are asked to monitor their kids for COVID-19 symptoms and isolate them at any sign of illness.

The centre will remain open to all other children and staff, who can continue to attend the centre in person.