If you’ve been finding yourself squinting at your TV screen, it may be time to upgrade that old set.

But with so many models and options to choose from, the process of finding the right TV can be overwhelming.

LED, LCD, 3D-- deciphering all this TV code can be daunting, but Future Shop sales manager Ryan Malzensky says it all comes down to what you want your TV to do for you.

For example, with a plasma, expect dark rich colours and a high resolution picture, great for watching sports or playing video games.

On the downside, they consume more power than other models and are prone to glare.

LCD  and LED TVs are backlit, so they are more energy-efficient. But the colours aren't as rich as the plasma and both have a slightly degraded viewing angle.  But Malzensky said the LEDs are the better option of the two.

"It will be a better picture, newer technology, you get much better contrast and levels of colour with an LED TV," said Malzensky.

Other options include smart TVs like a Samsung LED set. They allow you to surf the net and log onto social media sites, all through an internet connection.

If size matters, at 80 inches the Sharp Aquos is no slouch.

And finally, for that 3D TV experience, Sony and LG are good options. The advantage of the LG TV, according to Malzensky, is it converts any movie, TV show or video game from 2D to 3D.

Make sure you tell the sales rep where you plan on putting the TV, such as in the basement or in an area with many windows. And stores such as Future Shop offer free home assessments to find out which TV might be best for your living space.