Winnipeggers looking for the perfect wine to sip this summer may want to look to local wine stores for advice on what to serve and drink.

Tom Bima owns The Winehouse on Kenaston Boulevard and said there are a wide range of satisfying options available for any price point.

In the summer, Bima said, people tend to choose lighter, sweeter wines. A pinot grigio is top of the list.

“It’s just a light crisp wine that sometimes has grassy notes, sometimes has mineral notes, sometimes has citrus notes and any combination of those just seems to work on really warm days,” said Bima.

One of Bima’s top sellers is Flip Flop, a Californian pinot grigio. The white sells for about $11 a bottle.

Another option is The Ned in either a pinot grigio or sauvignon blanc. The New Zealand bottles will run you about $17 a piece.

“They’re super refreshing – guaranteed to please. If you’re having a party, you are going to make people happy if you open this up,” said Bima.

There’s no reason to neglect reds in the summer though, Bima said. He recommends Finca Los Primos cabernet sauvignon from Argentina and Honora Vera, an organic wine from Spain.

“It’s a $10 wine, but it drinks like a $16 or $17 wine. It’s fairly full bodied,” said Bima. “It has a very full-mouth feel.”

Or, if you’re looking for a cooler drink, sangria mixes are an option. Bima recommends Real Sangria mix from Spain. It costs $11 for 750 milliliters or $20 for 1.5 L.

“It’s super refreshing – great with just fruit or ice or soda or whatever you want,” said Bima.


Tom's summer wine picks

Courtesy of Tom Bima, The Winehouse


The Ned pinot gris and sauvignon blanc - $16.99, New Zealand

Flip Flop pinot grigio - $10.99, USA

Ventisquero sauvignon blanc - $11.99

Corte Giara pinot grigio - $15.49, Italy. 

Gladiator pinot grigio - $13.99, USA

Schild Estate chardonnay - $21.99, Australia


Finca Los Primos cabernet sauvignon - $12.99, Argentina

Honoro Vera Monastrel - $10.99, Spain

Unico cabernet sauvignon - $19.99, Chile

Real sangria - $10.99 (750 ml) $19.99 (1.5L) Spain

Pascual Toso malbec - $13.99, Argentina

Eastonzinfandel - $22.99, USA