Winnipeg police released a public notification Wednesday about a convicted sex offender released from jail.

Officers said Ryan James Gabourie, 31, is considered at “high risk to become involved in further sexual offences against children.”

Gabourie was released from Headingley Correctional Centre on Nov. 13 and is expected to take up residence in Winnipeg, said police.

Police said he has a history of sexual offences in relation to children, including break and enter commit sexual assault, possession of child pornography, break and enter with intent as well as other offences.

Police said Gabourie targeted victims that were unknown to him and chose homes where children’s toys were visible in the yard or could be seen inside the homes by looking through windows.

Officers said he participated in some sex-offender treatment while in prison, but is still considered a high risk to re-offend.

Both male and female children are at risk.

Police said vigilante action against Gabourie will not be tolerated. Anyone with information about Gabourie is asked to call officers at the Manitoba High Risk Offender Unit at 204-984-1888.

He has a number of probation conditions in place, including being prohibited from attending a public park or public swimming pool where children under the age of 14 are present, being prohibited from working or volunteering in a capacity where he would be in a position of authority or trust towards someone under the age of 14 and he is prohibited from using a computer for the purpose of communicating with a person under the age of 14.