Manitoba drivers will have to break their wallet a little wider to safety inspect their vehicles.

The province has done away with a set-rate of $55 dollars for a safety test, saying it’ll allow the market to dictate what drivers are charged for a test as of March 1.

The province said the change comes from the Traffic and Transportation Modernization Act and will include some new standards for vehicles to earn a passing grade.

Minister of Infrastructure Ron Schuler said the change was a must because of constant technological advancements.

“Every year there's a new thing that has to be inspected, and we don't want to be reviewing every year what the price is,” Schuler said.

“It’s a difficult system.”

New safety standards were implemented such as a functional anti-lock system, airbag and a certain level of tint in windows.

“If a vehicle is not safe, then none of us is safe."

NDP leader Wab Kinew said he feels drivers may be skeptical of pricing by allowing auto shops to set their own prices. He said there has to be consumer protection.

“It’s not just about thinking about the businesses, we have to think about people who can’t afford it,” Kinew said.

A local mechanic told CTV News that pricing may vary depending on a shop’s hourly rate. He said prices could range from $100 to $200.