A new report shows smoking, obesity and physical inactivity will cost Manitoba taxpayers $4.7 billion by the year 2026.

"When you look at the costs of our current lifestyle the number is staggering--$4.7 billion is a significant economic burden," said Michelle Nelson from the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Manitoba.

The report was funded by a number of groups, including the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Manitoba and CancerCare Manitoba, and looks at the long-term economic impact of health risks.

The $4.7 billion price tag listed in the report is linked to decreased productivity and increased costs for healthcare, including treating conditions such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

The report suggests that 55 per cent of Manitobans are obese, while 27 per cent of people in the province are smokers.

Michelle Nelson said the report serves as a wake-up call.

The report urges community groups to promote a change in people's lifestyles, along with having governments providing support.

The Heart and Stroke Foundation's Dr. Elizabeth Ready said the focus needs to be on "preventing disease, as opposed to treating disease."

The report also states that if only 2 per cent of Manitobans reduce their risks of serious illness every year, it could save up to $3.5 billion in healthcare costs.

- with a report from CTV's Jeremy Hunka