The price of lawn care is going up in Manitoba.

New this year, the province has banned lawn care companies from using chemical pesticides. Instead, companies will now rely on a weed-killer called Fiesta, an eco-friendly alternative.

But according to David Hinton with Weed Man, the eco-friendly option is not as friendly on the wallet.

"Our product costs have gone up 700 per cent. That's a big change for everybody. And it's not just the product costs. It's the way we apply it, the equipment we need, the maintenance on that equipment. Everything changes,” said Hinton.

The price for homeowners depends on the size of the lot. The average price tag has gone up by 30 per cent.

Hinton said that means the average homeowner will likely pay about 50 dollars more. But someone with an extra-large property, such as in the country, will see a much larger increase.

"That's where the pain really sets in. A lot of those costs have gone up a few hundred dollars,” said Hinton.

But Manitoba Conservation Minister Gord Mackintosh says the pesticide ban was the right move to make.

"This is about protecting children. The science is saying very clearly that we have to reduce pesticide exposure to kids,” said Mackintosh.

Another benefit could be a better looking lawn.

Green Blade Lawn Care has been testing the new product and says it actually makes lawns look greener than ever.

"It actually, surprisingly, works better on dandelions than Par 3 used to," said Tim Muys from Green Blade Lawn Care.