A 52-year-old man has been charged with selling counterfeit Canadian coins that had an estimated value of $50,000.

Police say four coins were sold to a collector shop in Winnipeg on April 10 and 11.

The coins were made to look like valuable antiques.

When the same person tried to sell another coin at the same shop on June 23, the shop owner was already on the scam and confronted the seller who then ran out of the store.

Members of the Winnipeg Police Service Commercial Crime Unit made an arrest in the case on June 27. The man faces counterfeiting charges.

After the arrest police found 42 more counterfeit coins, all created to look like they had been minted between 1870 and 1929 and were is 'good' to 'high grade' condition.

Police say if the coins were bought and sold at market prices, the value of the coins ranged from $300 to $9,000.

Police say they believe the coins were bought on the internet from Hong Kong.

Winnipeg authorities have contacted officials there.