WINNIPEG -- An outbreak of COVID-19 has officially been declared at a Winnipeg school that is closing for 10 days due to COVID-19 cases.

In the daily COVID-19 bulletin, the province announced College Louis-Riel is now officially dealing with an outbreak, and the school has moved to the orange or restricted level on the Pandemic Response System.

“There are seven cases linked to the school and 10 cohorts are self-isolating as well as other staff and students,” the bulletin states. “The transmission sources are being investigated.”

The school announced on Wednesday it would be moving to remote learning until at least Nov. 6, with students returning on Nov. 9.

Two other schools in Manitoba have declared outbreaks since students returned in September.

Bird’s Hill School in East St. Paul is currently under the restricted level, after declaring an outbreak on Oct. 20. When the outbreak was declared, five cases were announced. CTV News has reached out to the province for additional information.

John Pritchard School was under an outbreak until October 20. The province said there were 40 cases linked to the school; 24 in students, 4 in staff, and 12 epidemiologically-linked cases.