The woman accused of stabbing and killing her neighbour in Wolseley had to defend her account of what happened on the witness stand Wednesday.

Brenda Schuff has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder for the April 2017 death of Judy Kenny.

On Tuesday while being questioned by her defence, she told court Kenny had been the aggressor and looked “crazed” the night she died.

On Wednesday in front of a packed courtroom, the Crown cross-examined Schuff.

Crown attorney Debbie Buors said, "I'm going to suggest when you look at the injuries to Judy and you had no injuries on yourself, you were attacking Judy."

"No," said Schuff.

"And this whole time you made zero effort to leave the situation," said Buors.

"I was doing the best I could to defend myself," said Schuff.

The Crown argued it was Schuff who was the aggressor at Kenny’s home, and had the jury refer to photographs, including ones with the glasses the women were drinking from, and a knife.

Schuff testified Kenny's level of intoxication reached an eight out of 10, while her own was at two or three.

The Crown also questioned Schuff about the struggle and the moment Schuff says she hit Kenny in the head.

Schuff said she held Kenny's hair back while Kenny was flailing a knife around.

Schuff said Kenny was making a chomping motion and was focused on her teeth.

Schuff told court she was terrified.

"You have no recollection of the multiple stab wounds to Judy," said Buors.

"No recollection," said Schuff.

"You're not saying you didn't cause these injuries," said Buors.

"I've tried to remember and I can't remember," Schuff said.

Near the end of the cross examination, Buors suggested at one point Schuff got Kenny's pants off and Kenny's shirt was found inside out.

Schuff broke down in tears several times during the cross examination.

Closing arguments are expected Monday.

The jury could be charged as soon as Tuesday.