#BestInSnow Contest

#BestInSnow Contest

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Manitoba is known for many things... mosquitos... friendly drivers... construction... BUT what really stands out are our amazing festivals (like Festival du Voyageur), and great winters with lots and lots of snow!!

We also know that you are pretty good at handling snow. That's right... you are an expert snow-fort, snow-sculpture, snowman, snow-art aficionado - and that's why we want to see what you've got in the form of a photo posted on your favourite social media platform.

Snap an original picture of something you've created in snow... maybe it's something you built with your friends, or kids... just get it online with Facebook, Twitter or Instragram and tag it with #BestInSnowContest

Every Friday starting January 17, and up to the festival - we will select a winning entry who will receive a pair of day passes to enjoy Festival du Voyageur, February 14th to 23rd!!

So... grab that camera... mold some snow... and hope to see you at this year's Festival du Voyageur!!