Chef Yourself Contest

Chef Yourself Contest

Chef Yourself Contest
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'Chef Yourself', without even lifting a spoon! ‚Äč


Save the Chicken Chef hat below to your phone or desktop, and with a photo editing app or related software, place it on top of your head using one of your own photos. Post your pic to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram before Friday, August 28th, using the hashtag, #ChefYourselfCONTEST. You'll be entered to win daily $100 Chicken Chef gift certificates, to be awarded all summer long from July 20th to August 28th. 

Chef Yourself Hat

To download the above #ChefYourselfCONTEST hat graphic to your computer:

  1. Right click graphic
  2. Click 'Save Image As...'
  3. Download to your home computer


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