Where neighbours know their neighbours -- that's how Darrell Rostek describes his neighbourhood, Crestview.

"This street is particularly like a close knit community," said Rostek.

But many in this close knit community are fuming over plans for a long term drug treatment centre within view of Rostek's house, on the old Vimy Arena site.

Over the weekend an open house hosted by area councillor Shawn Dobson drew dozens of those outraged residents. Rostek says he and his neighbours worry about their property values and safety in close proximity to this type of facility.

"I have a small child as well as a lot of people in the neighbourhood and I think our views are justified," said Rostek

Scott Oake and his family are behind the 50-bed Bruce Oake Recovery Centre. In an attempt to quell fears, Oake and project architects met with the mayor and a handful of councillors, including Dobson.

Dobson says while he's pleased to learn the centre is non-profit, he is against the proposal.

“I have to stick with my residents and my residents within the area don't want it," said Dobson

Mayor Brian Bowman supports the project, comparing the centre to a hospital.

"With some of the information and misinformation that's out there it's pretty clear that some are choosing to make an important health issue into a political issue and that's regrettable," said Bowman.

And the area's former councillor, Grant Nordman, is on board too.

"The proposition that this is dangerous or something to be feared I think is way overblown," said Nordman.

Nordman says the location makes sense.

"This is not next to anybody's property in a residential sense," said Nordman.

Public consultation is being promised before any decisions.

But Darrell Rostek worries it's already too late.

"The roundabout that was built down the street they did consultations for a year to build a roundabout where this seems is being pushed very very fast," said Rostek.

Bowman says he’s hoping for a vote at council before year’s end on transferring the land to the province for the project.