Crews have started tearing more than a dozen cottages along Lake Manitoba that couldn't be saved following flooding in 2011.

So far, about 17 are slated to be demolished.

Raymond Walmsley said he's been coming to his father-in-law's cottage at Delta Beach for decades. Their family's cottage is one of those that had to be torn down.

"When the pillars in the front washed out, it fell and we had to demolish it," he said.

Many people whose cottages are being dismantled said Lake Manitoba's levels were kept too high for too long and they add that's why the wind storm had such a dramatic impact in 2011.

"Generally I think the whole location, the whole area is sad about what happened here because of the high lake level – this was the problem," said Walmsley.

The province is building a channel to help with lake levels. 

Walmsley said his family is determined to rebuild.

"We would like to see something back here again because those times were good memories," said Walmsley.

The reeve for the area said the cabins are being demolished because the owners settled over damage with the province. The number of cottages could grow if more settlements are agreed upon.

- with a report from CTV's Jeff Keele