WINNIPEG -- Warning: some of the details are disturbing 

The third day of testimony at the trial in the killing of Ricardo Hibi revolved around bloodstains found on a black jacket.

Thirty-four-year-old Hibi was stabbed to death on December 17, 2018 at the foster home he ran for boys at 622 McGee Street in the Daniel McIntyre neighbourhood. 

Kane Moar, 23, is on trial for second-degree murder. He has pleaded not guilty. 

The Crown told court Hibi’s killer wore a black North Face winter jacket.

On Wednesday, RCMP forensic specialist Marie-Eve Bonicalzi, who analyzed samples taken from the coat, appeared in court by video link.

“The profile was consistent with matching two individuals,” Bonicalzi testified.

She told court that blood on the left sleeve of the black jacket matched Hibi’s DNA.

Blood and hair matching Moar’s DNA were also found on the coat, said Bonicalzi.

On Tuesday, Crown prosecutors showed the jury surveillance video of a man in a black jacket walking up the house on 622 McGee Street.

Hibi had multiple cameras set up outside and inside the foster home. 

A camera that hung over the front door captured Hibi’s death. It shows him answering the door around 2:30 pm. Moments later, he falls to the ground. 

The Crown said he was stabbed three times.

On Monday, a witness testified she was on the phone with Hibi when he died. 

Legal aid lawyer Sandra Bracken said she heard Hibi say “Hey man this isn’t your house, get out of my house.”


On Wednesday, court heard that not all samples taken from the black coat could be identified. 

Defence lawyer Evan Roitenberg told jurors there was contamination in the laboratory last year, where Moar and Hibi’s samples were tested.

Court heard the contamination was discovered the same day the black coat was re-examined by forensic specialists. 

Bonicalzi said re-examining samples is standard and that “there is no link between the two events... (It) had no impact on the case we are discussing today.”

Roitenberg asked Bonicalzi if the lab was ever asked to analyze samples belonging to an 18-year-old witness the Crown called Monday. 

“The only known samples I received were from Hibi and (Kane Moar),” she said. 

The earlier witness Roitenberg referred to lived at the group home Hibi ran. 

He had testified that he heard Moar say “he just stabbed some Asian guy,” on the day Hibi died. 

The defence pointed to inconsistencies in the 18-year-old’s testimony and statement to police.