The Manitoba NDP said it holds documents suggesting the Province of Manitoba is considering a possibility in which MPI “no longer exists.”

Meantime, the province said it has no plans to do away with the Crown corporation.

During a press conference Friday, NDP leader Wab Kinew said the party has obtained documents through the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, highlighting scenarios for possible operating models, including one where MPI could “disband.”

“The facts are you have document before you that shows the government is considering the privatization of MPI,” Kinew said.

In addition to the “MPI disbanded” scenario, the document shows five other operating models that are under review, which are:

  • all transactions are performed via broker both in person and online;
  • 100% broker online;
  • shared delivery;
  • 100% MPI or
  • broker network disbanded.

The document shows the “MPI disbanded” scenario has no modeling completed and is “highly unlikely” to be recommended.

A Manitoba government spokesperson told CTV News in a statement, “Our government has no intention of privatizing MPI.”

“For decades, MPI has delivered auto insurance through a partnership with the public Crown Corporation and private sector brokers, and we have zero plans to change that,” it said.

In an email dated March 11, MPI stated that the government has decided that, “Brokers will own 100 per cent of all online MPI transactions.”

Kinew said he believes “everything is moving online” in the insurance industry.