Hair is straightened, curled, cut and teased. And for more than 100 years, Winnipeg's Scientific Marvel Beauty School is where many students learned how to do it.

"They're the first hairstyling aesthetics school in Canada," said instructor Maria Rivers.

Over the years hundreds of students have graduated from the school, including current student Angela Guilbault's great aunt in 1935.

"We actually still have the receipt to this day in my attic," said Guilbault. "She paid 100 dollars to come here back then."

But Guilbault's generation is where the tradition ends. After 101 years, the family that owns the school is retiring, and closing the school's doors forever.

"She feels the school has had a great run," said Rivers. "They'd like to leave in a positive way."

St Vital Unisex owner Pino Santarsieri said he certainly has a very positive impression of the school.

"We hired many, many bright and energetic students from Scientific Marvel. They've helped us grow our business tremendously. It's going to be a very sad day,” said Santarsieri.

"It is very sad," said Guilbault. "But I'm grateful that I'm one of the last graduating classes from here."

The final clients will get their hair cut by the students in September. Then on Oct. 31, the school will close its doors for good.