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Dozens line up in the rain as Winnipeg's first Krispy Kreme opens its doors


A steady stream of rain didn't dampen spirits Tuesday morning as Winnipeg's first Krispy Kreme opened its doors.

Dozens of people, some armed with umbrellas and slickers, lined up to try the U.S. chain's famous glazed, sugared, and powdered doughnuts on home soil.

“It’s unbelievable. Last night, we saw the line starting. I had no idea it would be this impactful,” said Larry Geraghty, the store’s general manager.

Jason Magner was first in the queue. He arrived at the store at noon Monday. He had to take the afternoon off work to guarantee he'd be the first customer through the doors on opening day.

Thanks to his early bird status, he got to turn on the store's Hot Light and won a golden ticket, entitling him to a free dozen doughnuts every month for a year.

"I had to be the first, to get the bragging rights, to be the first in Winnipeg, to tell my children, to just get that honour to turn on that Hot Light," he said.

Jason Magner is pictured during a June 18, 2024 interview at the grand opening of the city's first Krispy Kreme. (Joseph Bernacki/CTV News Winnipeg)

Michael Bochinski also lined up Monday, spending the rainy night in the Sterling Lyon Parkway parking lot.

He grew up loving Krispy Kreme, making sure to grab a few every time he visited the States.

“I don’t think it stopped raining the entire night, but we were here, we were rallying.”

Hungry customers pack Winnipeg's first Krispy Kreme on June 18, 2024. (Joseph Bernacki/CTV News Winnipeg) Top Stories

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