The rising Red River has cut off access to dozens of homes in the rural municipalities of Ritchot and Montcalm, forcing 50 people to leave their homes including 21 seniors in personal care.

"It kind of sucks," says Brandon Rupp, who is using his ATV to get around. "It makes it harder to get around."

Nearly 600 roads have been closed across the province as rivers and creeks continue to spill into nearby communities. In the Rural Municipality of Ritchot however, the mayor says the evacuations are all voluntary.

"When the water crosses the road it means they might have to boat in and it's very hard on some people," says Bob Stefaniuk.

According to officials, 21 people were moved out of a personal care home in St. Adolphe Tuesday morning as a precautionary move. The remaining half will be leaving on Wednesday before access to more roads is cut off.

But many people in the area are choosing to stay.

"I was telling my wife this happens every 20 some years," says Ken Moore. "Big deal. We'll deal with it. But it seems to happen more and more often all the time."

-With a report from CTV's Caroline Barghout