WINNIPEG -- Enforcement officials were busy last week as they handed out tickets to 18 different businesses for breaching public health orders.

The tickets were given out between Nov. 23-29.

The province said two businesses were issued citations more than once. Springs Church in Winnipeg received four separate tickets for $5,000 each, while the Superstore at 920 Victoria Ave. in Brandon, was given two $5,000 tickets.

Several Winnipeg establishments are on the list including:

• The Canadian Tire at 3615 Portage Ave.;

• Video Cellar at 1319 Main St.;

• Jay Rich Pharmacy at 1128 Henderson Hwy.;

• The Dollarama at 1074 St. Mary's Rd.;

• Fairstone Financial Inc. at 5-3380 Portage Ave.;

• John Morris (Brunkild Convenience) at 48 Falcon Creek Bay;

• Costco at 2365 McGillivray Blvd.;

• Winnipeg Women's Kick Boxing at 1777 Portage Ave.;

• Spirited Music at 246 St. Mary's Rd.;

• Pure Lifestyle Ltd. At 1129 Empress St.; and

• Rossmere Golf and Country Club at 925 Watt St.

Each of these businesses was given a $5,000 fine, but the province did not include why each business was given the penalty.

The other fines included the Oakbank Dollar Store, Ashern Dollar Town, Deals for Dollars in Powerview/Pine Falls, Mountainside Christian Fellowship in Neepawa, and Church of God Restoration in Steinbach. A $5,000 fine was issued to each location.

This comes as the province announced that 100 tickets were handed out in the past week to both businesses and individuals for breaking health orders.

The tickets totalled $181,574.