WINNIPEG -- A Winnipeg marriage commissioner is running a drive-thru, but instead of the regular fast food, she's dishing out wedding certificates.

Marla Paul-Merasty, a marriage commissioner at It's Your Wedding, decided to use the driveway of her country home as a wedding venue with the pandemic still prevalent.

"I was trying to recreate the wedding industry for myself because of COVID," Paul-Merasty said. "I have a beautiful driveway and a country home, so I decided to take advantage of it."

All a couple has to do to get married is get a marriage licence, find two witnesses, pull up in their car and roll down the window.

"It's different. It's very quick, simple and easy," said Paul-Merasty.

Bonnie Funk and new husband Michael got hitched in the drive-thru on Friday.

"We thought we'd eventually do a destination wedding, but we don't really know if that's going to be an option someday," she said. "This opportunity came up, so we took it."

The newlyweds exchanged rings in the backseat of an SUV.

"It was really good and we are finally married," said Funk. "I wasn't really expecting to cry."

The couple decided to embrace the casual nature of the wedding fully and donned pyjamas for their nuptials.

"This is a first for me, seeing a bride and groom in pyjamas," Paul-Merasty said.

With the marriage certificate in hand, the couple drove off down the driveway honking the car's horn.