A Winnipeg man is dealing with some serious tire damage after he went over a nasty pothole.

A pothole on Lakewood Boulevard near Tamarack Street in Southdale takes up about half the northbound lane.

Justin Yakiwchuk said he hit the pothole and damaged two of his tires. He said he was travelling at about 40 kilometres per hour when he hit it.

“It was unavoidable,” he said. “My eyes on the road, and even seeing it, the time it took me to decide my path of where I was going to drive, the safest path was where the pothole was.”

The pothole damaged two of his tires, which he said will cost him at least $400.

When he went to a nearby tire store, Yakiwchuk said staff told him four other people had come in the same day with damaged tires from the same spot.

Yakiwchuk has filed a claim with the city for the damage to his vehicle, which he said will take about 20 days to process.

The city says claims can be filed with the city and the city will determine if the city was responsible. Anyone who sees a pothole is encouraged to report it to 311 so it can be fixed.

Yakiwchuk is now wondering how and when the pothole will get fixed. “I was told it’s a mid-priority pothole and it would be taken care of within 28 days.”

In the meantime, Yakiwchuk said the city should put up signage to warn drivers, so the same thing doesn’t happen again.