E-cigarettes have become a popular choice for many people trying to quit smoking, but health concerns might put an end to it in Winnipeg.

E-cigarettes aren’t currently restricted in Manitoba, so it’s up to each establishment to allow them or not. The University of Winnipeg is a smoke-free campus, but doesn’t have a policy on e-cigarettes, while the Winnipeg International Airport has banned them.

Red Deer, Alberta was the first Canadian municipality to ban e-cigarettes back in July, while Toronto banned them from city work spaces last month.

Winnipeg Regional Health Authority says banning e-cigarettes has been a topic of discussion for a while, but more long-term research needs to be conducted saying.

“Cancer-causing chemicals have been found in various studies and that is also concerning but we don’t know what levels these are present in the vapours,” said Heejune Chang, WRHA physician.

The WRHA says they’re continuing to research the health effects but recommend people don’t use them.