WINNIPEG -- A large snake was spotted in the Fort Rouge area Saturday and remains on the loose.

According to the Winnipeg Police Service, the snake was initially seen in the 600 block of Ebby Avenue earlier in the day. Police said the snake is white in colour and approximately eight-feet long.

The Animal Services Agency attended the area but were unable to find the snake.


Based on resident reports, the City of Winnipeg said it does not know what type of snake it is.

Allan Tongcua, an amateur snake breeder in Winnipeg, said the snake is not a native species and is some sort of constrictor. Meaning it's most likely someone's pet.

"It’s unfortunate in this scenario, it is on the onus of the owners to make sure the snakes are kept well and not put in a position where they can cause danger to themselves,” said Tongcua.

Since the snake isn't from Winnipeg's climate, it won’t survive come any change in weather.

"Constrictors do come from a tropical region which does put them in a dilemma in September/October when the cold weather comes in,” Tongcua said.

As for residents in Fort Rouge, they don't have much to fear, according to Tongcua.

"As far as danger is concerned, most snakes overall are fairly recluse. They tend to keep to themselves. They just want to eat and sleep,” said Tongcua.

Residents are asked to call 911 if they see the snake.