WINNIPEG -- Everyone knows the stories that come from Black Friday and Cyber Monday, packed malls, giant sales, and lots of spending, but Giving Tuesday gives consumers the opportunity to give back to charities and the less fortunate.

Giving Tuesday falls annually on the Tuesday after American Thanksgiving and it marks the beginning of the giving season.

For those in Manitoba who want to give back here are some of the many ways people can contribute:

United Way Winnipeg - United Way Winnipeg is a non-profit organization that strives to better the community by supporting other programs in the city. Some of these other programs the United Way supports helps people climb out of poverty, find affordable housing, and even provide a safe place for kids to go after school. To donate to United Way Winnipeg, go to:

Winnipeg Harvest – Winnipeg Harvest is a non-profit that collects food to share with those in need and offers training opportunities to help people out of poverty. This year the organization is calling on Manitobans to donate so it can provide infant formula to more than 1,600 babies. To donate to Winnipeg Harvest, go to:

The Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba – The Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba works to ensure that kids treated at the Children’s Hospital at HSC Winnipeg receive the best possible care. This year donations received on Giving Tuesday will go towards new equipment for the pediatric intensive care unit, like a CMAC video laryngoscopy. All donations will be tripled by an anonymous donor up to $30,000. To donate, go to:

Winnipeg Humane Society - The Winnipeg Humane Society is an organization dedicated to protecting animals. During the 2019 edition of Giving Tuesday, the Winnipeg Humane Society is hoping to raise funds to go towards care and treatment for dogs with heartworm. To donate, go to:

Mealshare - Mealshare is a program that’s working to end youth hunger by partnering with restaurants who feature ‘Mealshare items’ on their menu. If a customer orders one of these items, they get their meal and a healthy meal is also given to a youth in need. To order a meal or donate to the organization, go to:

Siloam Mission – Siloam Mission provides meals, clothes, and services to those experiencing homelessness and poverty in Winnipeg. It serves hundreds of people every day, free of charge and without discrimination. To donate to Siloam Mission, go to:

Misericordia Health Centre Foundation – The Misericordia Health Centre Foundation is always looking to maintain a culture of compassion and provide financial support to the Misericordia Health Centre as it tries to meet the changing health-care needs for Manitobans. To donate to the Misericordia Health Centre Foundation, go to:

Find charities in your area – To find other organizations in your neighbourhood to donate to on Giving Tuesday, visit: