Emergency room physicians were the highest paid Winnipeg Regional Health Authority employees in 2016, according to the authority’s compensation report.

The annual salary list was released Thursday.

The top earning ER doctor Ronald Scrapneck made over $680,000.

Meanwhile, WRHA President and CEO Milton Sussman made $362,565.

The report lists the salaries of employees at facilities and services directly operated by the WRHA. It includes Health Sciences Centre, Victoria General Hospital, Grace Hospital and Deer Lodge Centre, in addition to clinics like Pan Am.

St. Boniface General Hospital, Riverview Health Centre, Misericodia Health Centre, Seven Oaks General Hospital and Concordia Hospital are separate legal entities and are not included in the report, the WRHA said.

The WRHA is required to release the compensation list based on the Manitoba Public Sector Compensation Disclosure Act. The full report can be read here.