Feb. 5 is Safer Internet Day and the Canadian Centre for Child Protection wants you to learn how to keep your kids safe online.

Signy Arnason with Cybertip.ca says the biggest danger online is what is typically known as sexting.

“If you look at some of the more pervasive problems that children are facing, it's in fact some of those sexual exchanges, whether it be text messages, images, videos that end up getting out of hand and can be very damaging for youth," Arnason said on CTV Morning Live.

While it's sometimes difficult to know where to begin, Arnason says parents and care givers should use different messages depending on the age of the child.

You can include setting rules and using scenarios or media stories to engage your child in conversation.

People are also encouraged to learn what apps are out there and encourage your child to treat their own information and other people's with respect.