Cesar Millan will stop in Winnipeg Sunday as part of his Trust Your Instincts Canadian tour.

The dog behaviour expert is set to take the stage at the MTS Centre at 7 p.m. Nov. 18.

Winnipeg police said Millan has requested members of their canine unit participate in the show.

Patrol Sgt. Rob Tighe of the Winnipeg police canine unit will showcase the abilities of Riley, one of the dogs in the unit.

Tighe will do a short demonstration during the event to showcase Riley’s abilities and training.

Tight said dogs can be aggressive, but it has to do with the owner the way they’re handled.

"We use positive reinforcement, and we channel their energy through something we want the dog to do and in essence the dog gets a reward afterwards,” said Tighe.

For more information on the show, visit Cesar Millan’s website