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Extreme cold weather to stay for several days: Environment Canada


As extreme cold weather brings wind chill values nearing -40°C, it's impacting everything from winter recreation to the city's most vulnerable population.

Saturday marked the opening day for A Maze in Corn's 25th annual snow maze.

Angie Masse, the maze's co-owner, said above seasonal weather made it a challenge to construct the maze this year, the opposite problem for the maze's 2023 launch.

"It's opening weekend, and it just happened that the coldest weather of the season hit this weekend, so you definitely have to dress for it," she said.

With daytime temperatures around -27°C, the maze was forced to shorten its hours this weekend to 12-6.

Masse said the cold did make opening day quieter, but there were still plenty of people who braved the weather.

"There have been lots of people coming up all bundled up and exploring everywhere, so it is nice to see," said Masse.

"Hand warmers, lots of layers, positive attitudes," exclaimed one group when asked how they were staying warm in the maze. 

Environment Canada and Climate Change Canada said the cold weather is due to a polar vortex centred near Baffin Island.

"That cold air has come down from the north in over the last 24-36 hours and going to sit over us for the next few days," said Eric Dykes, a meteorologist with ECCC.

"Slight, slight, slight moderation of temperatures perhaps by mid-week," added Dykes. "Normal highs for this time of year, for example, are -11°C and normal lows around -22°C and our daytime high are going to struggle to get to what should be overnight lows for us for this time of year."

Dykes warned frostbite can happen in minutes -- a major concern for the city's unsheltered population.

"Some of the people who are most vulnerable in the city right now don't have the resources or even the proper clothing to be out in weather like this," said Kevin Walker, the interim director of the Bear Clan.

To help those stuck in the cold, the Bear Clan's mobile unit was out patrolling on Saturday to give hot food and clothing.

"We've got mini ravioli we've made up. We have some sandwiches, and we always carry like water and warm blankets and mitts and toques and things like that," said Walker.

The Bear Clan said it is currently in need of winter wear and hand warmers. It said donations can be dropped off at its two locations during open hours. Top Stories

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