Elections Canada says a Facebook group aimed at keeping the Conservatives out of power is legal.

The ruling on Wednesday came after a CTV Winnipeg News report revealed thousands of people were using the internet to coordinate their votes to make sure certain parties won in close ridings.

Members of the Facebook group agree to vote for the party most likely to win against the Conservative candidate in their riding - even if it is not their party of choice.

For example an NDP supporter in Winnipeg South could swap votes with a Liberal supporter in Elmwood-Transcona.

The NDP supporter would agree to vote for a Liberal candidate, because the candidate may have a better chance of beating the incumbent Tory.

In return the Liberal supporter would vote for the NDP candidate, who may also have a better chance of winning.

On Wednesday Leanne Nyirfa, spokesperson for Election Canada told CTV News vote-swapping is legal, but she warned it might not be effective, since there is nothing to compel voters to keep their word.

"Encouragement to vote in a particular way is not prohibited under the Canada Elections Act," she said. "Nor is the invitation to take part in strategic voting prohibited whether it is on the internet or in other forums."

Nyirfa added that accepting bribes or payments for votes is illegal under the elections act.