A Facebook post that falsely put a Winnipeg business in a bad light went viral this weekend.

Vivek Sharma, the owner of a Pizza Pizza at McPhillips Street and Logan Avenue, said a customer posted a video to Facebook that accused the restaurant of having a camera in the bathroom.

The post has been shared by more than 2,000 people and watched over 77, 000 times.

Sharma posted a video in response, clearly explaining that it was just an emergency light.

“It goes on when we have a power outage or fire," he said.

Sharma’s response caused Alex Bannock, the man who posted the video, to publicly acknowledge he was wrong.

This isn't the first false accusation to take flight on social media.

In April, a B.C. woman was ordered to pay $65, 000 to her neighbour after falsely accusing him of spying on children with hidden cameras.

"Whether you are a national broadcaster or a guy going on Facebook, you cannot publish information that is false and could damage someone's reputation," said Bob Sokalski, a Winnipeg lawyer.

Vivek Sharma said he understands that mistakes happen. He has spoken to Bannock, and he has no intention of taking legal action.

"He apologized, people make mistakes, and they are human right? What can you do about it," he added.