A family visit to Winnipeg over the August long weekend for the Hamm family lead to a shocking discovery of a syringe and what looked to be drugs in their hotel room.

Nicole Hamm said she and her husband Neil took their kids to the Victoria Inn Winnipeg to enjoy the pool.

However, Hamm said hidden underneath the vanity in their hotel room they found a syringe and three small trays with white powder the family feared was drugs.

“It would have taken two seconds for my baby to find it and think it was candy and put it in his mouth,” Hamm said.

The Hamms’ were also concerned with how the hotel handled the removal of the items.

At the time the hotel didn’t call police, but sent a housekeeping manager to remove the items.

Victoria Inn Manager Mike Roziere said the procedure for future removal of paraphernalia is being reviewed.

“I'm not offering excuses for what happened. It's just, it's a bit of a unique circumstance that is now top of mind for us. We're going to address it in a renovation as we go forward, “ he said.

“There won't be any nooks or crannies where you can stuff anything anywhere.”

Roziere said the hotel has never had an incident like this before but going forward, cleaning staff will check under bathroom vanities regularly.

He said the hotel contacted Winnipeg police for proper instruction on disposing the drugs and have refunded the family their money.