Grid roads and farmer’s fields — that’s the terrain police and volunteers spent two days combing, searching for clues in the disappearance of 59-year-old Eduardo Balaquit.

“Can’t say if anything is relevant. We know that most of the things we are finding are not relevant to the investigation just based on condition, age and the situation that it’s lying in,” said Sgt. Randy Antonio with the Winnipeg Police Service’s ground search and rescue team.

So far the team has found animal bones, cow skulls and garbage among other items.

Road by road, ditch by ditch, volunteers from the Winnipeg Search and Rescue Association are trained to look for anything out of the ordinary.

“We’re not doing grid-style evidence searches through the fields. What we’re looking for is some disturbance,” Sgt. Antonio said “Matted down grass. Car tracks. Drag marks. Disturbances in the soil and the ditches. Crossing over the roads.”

Meanwhile in the town of Arborg, Balaquit’s family fronted its own search. Theirs is focused on residential streets.

“My dad is here somewhere. If you could check your property please do so. If you see anything, contact police,” said Edward Balaquit, the missing man’s son.

Eduardo Balaquit, 59, disappeared on June 4. He was last seen at Westcon Equipment and Rentals Inc. on Keewatin Street, where he worked.

The WPS homicide unit believes he was a victim of a crime.

Balaquit's family is holding onto hope.

While the exhaustive search has exhausted them, Edward Balaquit finds strength because of what he believes his dad is going through.

"We're tired. He's twice as tired. We're hungry. He's twice as hungry. We're thirsty. He's twice as thirsty," Balaquit said.