The family of a woman found in her Redwood Avenue home Saturday morning has identified her as 39-year-old Christina Stoyko (known as Christine).

Her older brother, Aussie Jesso, says he found out Saturday night his sister had been killed.

"It's a huge loss to all of us," said Jesso. "She is my baby sister…The only thing I want is for her to come back and that's not going to happen."

Winnipeg police were called to Stoyko's home on Redwood Avenue at around 10 o'clock Saturday morning. 

Jesso tells CTV News his sister's co-workers became concerned and called police after Christina missed two days of work. He said she never missed work.

"When she didn't show up, that's when the concern grew," said Jesso.

Police said there's no reason to believe there's any risk to public safety. 

Jesso said his sister had lived in her home on Redwood for the past five years. 

One neighbour, Kim Neumann, described Stoyko as a "happy-go-lucky and very quiet" person.

Neumann said she was shocked and saddened to hear Stoyko was killed.